Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mom & Me Book Club: "A Rainbow of My Own"

We started hosting a Mom & Me book club after discovering this Mommy & Me Book Club website. They have such great ideas! We meet every other week for our book club and we follow the same the general pattern of circle-time, crafts, and activities as they do on the website. For this weeks Mom & Me Book club we picked the book, "A Rainbow of My Own" by Don Freeman. 

Gathering Activity:  
For our gathering activity we had a large piece of butcher paper spread out across the table with the outline of a rainbow. All the kids worked together and colored in the different colors. After coloring we handed out a bunch of random objects for the kids to place in the right color spaces. 

Circle Time:
During circle time we sang, "here we are together at Mommy & Me" and we sang through every child's name in attendance. Then we sang the "ABC's." Next we counted from 1-10 and back again from 10-1. Then we sang to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it" And replaced the words with, "If you're wearing red and you know it clap you're hands"...and so on through all the colors. Then we read the book, "A Rainbow of my own." After we finished the book we shone a flashlight through a glass of water to make a rainbow of our own for the kids to see. We ended circle time by singing, "shake my sillies out" with the last line being, "tip toe my sillies out" as we tip toed over to the table for an activity.

For our activity we did the rainbow spaghetti noodle sensory activity that we saw on the Mommy & Me Book Club site, who got it from The Imagination Tree site. We dyed cooked spaghetti noodles all the different colors of the rainbow and let the kids play. Some kids made rainbows, others mixed and squished the noodles into piles and they all just had a blast playing with the noodles. 

For another activity we let a child pick a color from the rainbow. Then they thought of something that is that color. Then we all acted out the item they picked. And repeat. (For example: Color red was picked. They thought of a red car. We all pretended to be cars going around the room. Another kid picked blue and thought of a shirt. We all pretended to iron a shirt.)

For our craft we made fruit loop rainbows using fruit loops for the rainbow and cotton balls for the clouds.  

Show & Tell:

Each child also brings an item related to the book (if they can) for show and tell. They stand up in front of everyone, say their name, show what they brought and tell the group why is is related to the book or why it is special to them. 

For our rainbow themed snacks we had a rainbow fruit tray and rainbow pancakes. For the pancakes we had powdered sugar and cool whip instead of syrup. (less messy.) The kids also ended up putting the fruit onto the pancakes which worked out really well. We also had rainbow gold fish, and other crackers and goodies. 

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