Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preschool: All About Me/My body Theme

Preschool Week #1:
Theme: All About Me/My Body 
Letter for the week: F
Number for the week: 1

The theme for the week is divided up between 2 different days. Although some of the things here are repeated for both days, most of it is divided up between the 2 days.

Centers/intro activity #1: I gave each kid an envelope with cut out letters of their name inside. Their name was also written on the outside of the envelope. They got to practice spelling their name/putting it in order. The kids who had short names got 2 envelopes, one with their first name and one with their last.

Centers/intro activity #2: Skeleton puzzles. I found this print out here. I pre-cut out and laminated the skeleton pieces. 1 set for each child. They got to put the skeleton together like a puzzle.
Circle time: During circle time we always start with a few welcome songs. Songs like, "Good Morning Good Morning," "Here we are together at circle time," and "Have a Happy day." Following the welcome songs, once a week we do show and tell which the kids can choose to bring something that starts with the letter for the week or something that has to do with the theme. Then we read stories, sing songs and talk about the theme of the week. Here are several books/songs on the theme of All About Me and My body.

I'm Growing
Thank You for Me!
The Foot Book
I Like Me
My Body
The Body
All By Myself
The Skeleton Inside You

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
If you're happy and you know it
Do your ears hang low?
Parts that bend
I have ten little fingers

Theme Craft #1: We made "All About Me" books. The kids colored pages like, "my favorites,"
"My hands", colored in a self-portrait and helped fill out details all about themselves.

Theme Craft #2: Using large butcher paper. We traced around each child and let them color in a full size body of themselves.
Math: Looking at a calender we discussed the days of the week. sang the days of the week song. Looked at the date for the day. Talked about the month, day of the week. We also discussed what the weather was like for the day and drew a picture on the day to go with the type of weather. We then used pattern blocks. Let the kids explore with building things and then practiced making different patterns with them. Last we talked about the number for the week. Counted to the number for the week, went on a hunt around the house for things items that correlated with that number. We also had each child write the number and put as many stickers as there were for that number in their note book.

Snack #1: Fruit vegetable faces.

Snack #2: Cheese and Cracker Bodies.

Reading/Writing/Spelling: We first introduced the letter for the week, then talked about the sound it makes, and what things started with the letter. We sang the ABC's to figure out where the letter for the week was within the song. We searched around the house for words that started with the letter of the week. We practiced writing the letter. We cut out pictures in magazines that started with the letter. We did worksheets with the letter as well.

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424You have some of the best ideas for my preschoolers; can't wait to do these with our kids next week!
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