Friday, April 24, 2015

Simple Popcycle Stick Chore "Chart" for kids (and grown-ups)

About every 6 months to a year we come up with a new way to keep track of daily chores. Not that we haven't found a good system that works, but I feel like it can get the kids excited again about getting their jobs done. (and me too) Here's what we did. We found 2 plastic jars we had laying around the house and printed out little labels using word. One jar labeled "Chores" and the other labeled "Done." I had some colored popsicle sticks that I think I got at the dollar store, each person got to pick one color and then we just wrote on the daily tasks. (You could also get fancy and print out labels...maybe I will someday, but this was a make up on the spot get it done kind of project.) The kids love moving them over to the other jar when they are done. My one daughter who cannot read just asks her big sister what they say or I will tell her the first letter and she is usually able to find it. I also put my daily tasks in there as well so that I'm reminded of what needs done. 
 There are 2 sticks for brush teeth a morning one with a sun on it and an evening one with a moon.

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